Breastfeeding Pads Three Packs

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Our gorgeous Bizzy Little Bean Breastpads come in two different shapes and two levels of absorbency, and now come in beautiful coordinated three packs. 

Day Round Breastpads: Two layers of 400gsm bamboo, backed with water resistant PUL these pads are great for day wear. 

Day Ellipse Breastpads: Two layers of 400gsm bamboo backed with water resistant PUL, in our signature elliptical shape to give better coverage for larger busts, and to reduce pad movement during wear. 

Night Ellipse Breastpads: Our signature elliptical shaped breastpads with the extra absorbency of three layers of 400gsm bamboo, again, backed with PUL. The ellipse shape also gives better coverage for when feeding lying on your side.