Botanical Round Breastpads

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Bizzy Little Bean Round Breastpads are made with two layers of 400gsm bamboo backed with water resistant PUL. Single Set includes two breastpads. 

Our Round Breastpads are ideal for day use. At approximately 10cm in diameter they give great coverage, and are excellent for moderate/heavy  leakage. They are not designed to absorb a full letdown, however, depending on individual needs/milk flow, they may be suited to this for some.

Our breastpads enable us not only to support you in your breastfeeding journey with a reusable and comfortable nursing pad, but it also helps our business reduce fabric wastage from our nappy production. Our Round and Ellipse Breastpads are made from the remnants of our beautiful patterned PUL after our nappies have been cut. The absorbent layers are cut from the end pieces of bamboo left after we cut our inserts. 

We also offer Ellipse shaped breastpads for wider coverage.