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Bizzy Little Bean is a family run, handmade nappy business based in Ocean Grove, Victoria.

We began in 2015 when, my now 6 yr old, was just 9 months and we’d finished our gradual transition to wearing cloth nappies full time. As I’m sure many have experienced, the cloth nappy addiction is real, and while the environmental benefits were my prime motivation to using cloth, the temptation of buying 'All The Nappies' started to impact the financial benefits. That was when making my own nappies started to seem like a good idea.

Mum could sew, she had sewing machines, it couldn’t be that hard right? Supplies were ordered, and Mum’s stash of beautiful vintage quilting cotton was raided. Those who have followed our business for some time will remember the beautiful florals and cotton prints of our early days. Our nappies were designed with my eldest daughter in mind. Little hips, and chunky thighs, led to the OSFM design we’re known for today. After a time we added newborn nappies to our range, and more recently a large night nappy cover. These additions were the result of the needs of my own kids (there’s three now) so all our products began with being tested here at home, and then going out to our amazing Bean Team to try out for us.

One of the most important parts of our business is keeping the waste created by our manufacturing to a minimum. This means we work to use as much of our fabric as possible so that our contributions to landfill are as small as we can manage. Our fabric offcuts go into our range of accessories; breastpads, cloth wipes, and our teardrop shaped makeup wipes. Any natural fibre scraps are composted. Our suede cloth was the hardest to find another use for, so when we added the boosters to our nappies, we shaped them to perfectly fit between our nappy shells, and make the most of those suede cloth scraps.

Over the five years we’ve been sewing we’ve had the support of local mums helping us meet the demand of our incredible customers, who I’ve been so fortunate to know. My mum still helps me sew, and my sister creates the artwork for a number of our exclusive designs. Some days you’ll even find my husband sitting with me, trimming the threads and turning out nappy shells. Running Bizzy Little Bean is all about being able to be home and support my family financially while watching my kids grow up. And it’s all because of the amazingly supportive nappy industry and the incredible customers I’ve met along the way. There’s something so special about seeing our products go out to cloth families, hearing their stories and seeing their kids go from little squishes to toilet training toddlers. Having parents come back to us with a second or third child, is such a beautiful experience. Sewing our nappies is so much more than just a job, each nappy is made with so much love and brings me so much happiness to create.

If you would like to know more about BLB, I would love to see you in the Bizzy Little Bean Team group on Facebook.

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